The Disintigrators

So, just to add to my never ending list of art to make, more crazy aggro art should be produced and posted.  Well, at least here are two from today.

One of my wishes is to be able to change the box brush inside color.  Currently the inside of the box brush can only be white as far as I have been able to use it.  The color setting only effects a 1 pixel border around the brush.  Essentially I think there should be a box brush that is like the circle brush which is just a 1 pixel edge of the circle, with transparent center.  Then a solid box brush and a solid circle brush, which is self explanatory. 

In other news, I had been preparing to roll back my Nexus 4 to Jelly Bean after Kit-Kat nuked the crap out of bluetooth headsets.  They released a minor patch that didn't mention fixing the bluetooth bug, but I relented to the minor update which had been sitting on the phone a few days.  They fixed it.  Headset is no longer stuck at 7.