Going Poster and Drinking the Chia

I've been thinking of how to re-produce my tablet art on a larger scale than what online services can give with the resolutions I have on the originals.

Since all my work is done on a Nexus 7, about the largest sizes I will crank out of that slate is 4096 square, and that only on about one or two image apps I use.  Which means I will top out much lower on the other six to eight apps I use and will need to work under 2048.

It occurred to me that I can have them printed at the best size, then professionally photographed and scanned at a higher resolution. The only drawback is it will be about $100 a pop per piece.  Eventually worth it, so I am spending time thinking about which will be the first in the coming weeks.  I can possibly sell the first print that was photographed- to help fund the cost of photography.

Just a thought.

Lately i've been drinking drinks with chia seeds floating in them.  It's become quite addicting.  I am curious if people attempt to crunch the seeds as they drink, or if they just swallow the seeds and the slimy coating.  Does it help the body to absorb the nutrients in the seeds by crushing them, or will the stomach break them down anyway?