We Are Ready for Kaiju and We Don't Need Gipsy Danger

Let's face it I love the movie Pacific Rim. If the world were attacked by giant monsters from another dimension, humans wouldn't need giant robots to take them out.  Even without Jaegers, we would still hand Kaijus their butts on a Fukushima chafing dish with extra Kaiju blue on the side.  If a giant sword can kill a class 3 Kaiju, then we don't need Jaegers.  Here is a short list of weapons that would make sushi out of them.

  1. GBU57 MOP
  2. GBU28 "Deep Throat"
  3. Mach 10 Rail Gun
  4. 'Angel of Death' AC130H Spectre

Not even to speak of the Mach 10 rail gun or anything else on the list, the AC130H is the most wimpy entry coming in at number four.  It fires ten 105mm shells per minute that travel at over 1500 feet per second, with a kill zone over 1/2 a mile.  It vaporizes buildings like happy kids smashing chocolate cupcakes.  Buildings you know, those bigger things that Kaijus and Jaegers bump up against.  Direct hit?  Roll the credits.  I didn't need to have 3, 2 and 1.

Did I mention along with tons of howitzer ammo, the Spectre also has several support guns that fire 7200 rounds a minute.  Being issued shovels for your weapon, to shuck all the brass gun-poop off the plane is not quite as glamorous as piloting a Jaeger.

The only thing is, what will close the Rift?  For that, we still need the Jaegers.  Giant robots still rock.  Much entertain.