Oren Ishii, Cottonmouth portrait

Was looking for a female character to draw or paint, and ended up selecting Oren Ishii from Kill Bill. A bit more tighter than my usual art, but wanted to spend time learning to tighten up a drawing. This started on my wacom tablet and laptop, and ended up exported to my tablet for final color tweaks.

Use patterned layers to change your brush strokes

When you use a patterned layer as an "Add" layer, your dark brush strokes will receive the pattern of the layer. The strength or visibility of the pattern is controlled by the darkness of the brush along with the opacity of the pattern layer. There are many variations to setting up the effect with different desire outcomes.

I looked into her eyes and what happened next

A haunting digital portrait piece as another fellow artist described this one. I painted it over a couple episodes of Luther. No doubt there was some influence from Ruth Wilson's character Alice Morgan while I painted and watched the show.