Sketchgroup hangout

A few things from the sketchgroup hangout today.  On Google Hangout, sketching with some folks while watching some shows at home.

I plan to do a hangout regularly on Google.  Welcome to join and sketch.  Check for me on Saturday and Sunday afternoons until the evening or night.  I will try and make one or both of those days.


Another in the series.  A sketchgroup member suggested that I blog about this series (from earlier when they were heavily geometric.)  I am working on a draft that puts down some thoughts on the whole thing.  It's not a very technical write up, but will explain more the idea and drive behind the whole thing.  Lately my style has been shifting and recombining since a month ago- so I think it would be good to follow the suggestion to put some thoughts down about what I have been doing from earlier in the series.

minimal sketch

this was maybe about 15-18 strokes, harmony ribbon brush plus sketchbook ink

o Ceti

Been working on this for past three days.  I got some ideas to recycle from the attempts that didn't pass for this piece.  

o ceti.jpg

Ludicrous speed

Colonel Sandurz: Prepare ship for light speed.

Dark Helmet: No, no, no, light speed is too slow.

Colonel Sandurz: Light speed, too slow?

Dark Helmet: Yes, we're gonna have to go right to ludicrous speed.


50 Cassiopeiae

Posted just a bit early on this one.  Could have done more work in defining some parts, adding more contrast.  Here it is as it was posted.  Will update with some adjustments.


cafe sketch

A quick sketch at a cafe in between some of my longer pieces this week.  Subject in conversation with their friend.


Nu Cygni

I liked how this one turned out.  put down some random marks in an app and brought that into Harmony.  Found the figure that fit in and finished it off.

Nu Cygni

Nu Cygni

η Carinae

This one is not yet available as a print.  Not sure about it.  Maybe after I set up a few others that I am more fond of.

η Carinae

η Carinae


The mash up continues for now.  Started as a quick sketch and played with large dark shapes on it.  All my usual trademark routines are on this one, although for my public debut of this piece on Google, I had blocked in the subject's left pupil with a dark shape.  I did that because the line work of the left eye would be lost on a lot of people's mobile devices.  I'm putting the original version here in case people check this site on their larger screens.



I think I arrived close to over working this piece.  I'm aiming for the viewer to become active in defining the shapes they want or need to see.  To unavoidably engage them in making the piece become something they like.



Another mixed app piece, as art most of my recent posts have been.  Another alienesque neck.  Partially inspired by Aeon Flux overall.


Rigel at the shoulder of Orion

Can't really say this is a sketch, but it started out as a quick ink pen scratch, and after almost a dozen import exports between apps, it's a piece.


The pilot chair

Working on a piece that will take a few days.  Below will be some rough sketches.  I am trying not to build up the overall piece too quickly to keep it looking loose.  I imagine it will be detailed line work, but will keep the colors more flowing.  Maybe when this piece is done, I will return to my women of sci-fi series and restart my Sarah Connor.