Painted digital portrait

Had a long weekend and was able to sit down and paint this digital portrait from reference. I spent more time on it than I do my speed paintings or quick sketches. I concentrated a bit more on likeness of the model. I used the Mischief paint program for this piece. The program is still relatively new and as it grows could benefit from adding a numeric input color selector and lasso selection, some layer blend types and additional parameters to adjust the brushes.

Paintings from this weekend

Quick paintings from this weekend. Sketches, really. They were only a few minutes each. I'm really just getting used to Mischief's limited brush set.

Digital Painting, Matriarch

Looking for something to paint, I was pasting a video onto my eyeballs this morning of hyenas and lions. Unfortunately for one grandstanding matriarch, Ntwadumela was not amused.

I also excavated my old 17 inch MAG monitor. It was liberating to work on a monitor that wasn't wide-screen. In my view, it's the best format. you can work portraits, or landscapes. I loved it so much I bought a square 19 inch HP for cheap off Amazon.

Unless you have a wide screen that is 22 inches tall, the ultra-wide format is hardly good for anything other than for viewing movies. Ever try looking at a spreadsheet in ultra-wide? Too much scrolling. Portraits are also no pleasure to create on wide or ultra-wide screens. Bring back the 4:3 monitors!

Blackwings digital painting

Trying out a different paint program today called Mischief. It was on sale for the weekend. It's pretty basic, with 4 different brushes, some papers and layers. The different thing about it is it's vector based, so you can export to any size. I like that. There are no layer blend options, only transparency. It's a great program especially if you have great digital painting skills and can get on without a lot of aids. The interface is simple, and hot keys are easy.

After a quick run on it, I think I will be using it quite a bit. Like most vector programs, the user might detect the brush stroke has the slightest lag when you apply quick circular strokes with large brushes.

Godzilla, painting the Big G

Saw Godzilla today, awesome movie!

My current ranking for the four films I've seen so far:
1. Captain America, Winter Soldier
2. Edge of Tomorrow
3. Godzilla
4. X-Men Days of Future Past

Flow like water painting and sketching with patterns

This piece came together from several apps on my tablet while drinking the morning's coffee. I believe I have mentioned before in previous posts that I use a suite of Autodesk apps on my tablet, as well as a couple of other programs like Sketcher and Deco Paint.