Digital portrait painting for today.

Mid week digital painting chill

Haven't had time for quick sketching this week. Catching up on needed rest, I've been relaxing to audio books and enjoyed Homeland by Corey Doctorow. If you haven't read any of his books check them out. They usually revolve around situations brought about by technology and how it affects people's lives and rights.

The painting is just a loose sketch. I'm just trying to exercise my art muscles. This weekend I an looking forward to having a model to paint. It has been many months since I have had a model session. Most likely I may be rusty, but it should be fun anyhow. Just keep it loose and sketchy.

I have my usual Fleur pattern involved in this piece. The eyes are darker than usual. I started the piece in deco sketch and painted over that in sketchbook pro, finishing the image off in Pixlr. Have a good rest of the week.


Oren Ishii, Cottonmouth portrait

Was looking for a female character to draw or paint, and ended up selecting Oren Ishii from Kill Bill. A bit more tighter than my usual art, but wanted to spend time learning to tighten up a drawing. This started on my wacom tablet and laptop, and ended up exported to my tablet for final color tweaks.

Painted digital portrait

Had a long weekend and was able to sit down and paint this digital portrait from reference. I spent more time on it than I do my speed paintings or quick sketches. I concentrated a bit more on likeness of the model. I used the Mischief paint program for this piece. The program is still relatively new and as it grows could benefit from adding a numeric input color selector and lasso selection, some layer blend types and additional parameters to adjust the brushes.

Flow like water painting and sketching with patterns

This piece came together from several apps on my tablet while drinking the morning's coffee. I believe I have mentioned before in previous posts that I use a suite of Autodesk apps on my tablet, as well as a couple of other programs like Sketcher and Deco Paint.

Someone said it is how they feel today

Another digital painting, portrait, experimenting with patterns again. I love how patterns can add great texture to my digital paintings. Someone commented that this was reflected how they felt that morning. I guess it was a Monday? No, Tuesday, ha, close enough!


Sketching Edge of Tomorrow art

I enjoyed Edge of Tomorrow. I think the movie handled the resetting days really well enough that after a bit you could tell they had been through certain new events you were witnessing the new loop for the first time. X-Men Days of Future Past was good, but overall, having just watched a Wolverine movie recently, I was expecting more than just a lot of Wolverine again, so I rank it pretty low. Here is a list of how I rank certain movies this year:

  1. Captain America Winter Soldier
  2. Edge of Tomorrow
  3. X-Men Days of Future Past

Godzilla? Still have to watch so I'll let you know.

So now I have crammed some mixed Edge of Tomorrow stuff below. Mostly rough exploratory images.

Big fish in a little pond, or big pond in a little fish?

So, I overheard this next to me in the coffee shop this morning which is overrun by people wearing conference badges for Apple's WDC....(said in a serious interview tone,) 'Are you a big fish in a small pond person, or are you a small pond in a big fish person?'
:-) :-) :-)