Sketches pile for the week

some sketches from the last few days.

Paintings from this weekend

Quick paintings from this weekend. Sketches, really. They were only a few minutes each. I'm really just getting used to Mischief's limited brush set.

The Outlet

Woo Friday :-) 
The outlet. An often used creature which is taken for granted. This little animal can be found hiding around cafe tables against the walls. It's only purpose is to provide, yet it is often scorned when it does not work. Occasionally it has been known to destroy entire dwellings and structures.

Batman 75th Anniversary

Batman's 75 Anniversary is this year. I made a quick sketch of the Dark Knight. Who hasn't read Frank Miller's Dark Knight Returns? It's a great read for anyone. Check it out on the right.

A couple of sketches

Really enjoy this Mischief paint program. Would be nice to have a vector paint on a mobile device like my tablet to remove the limitations of a canvas size. For now, here are a couple sketches, one from Mischief and one from tablet. Still love Sketchbook Ink / Pro. They keep me productive on the go.

Sketch and color

Quick sketch from the tablet with some quick colors.

There is no lack of pituitary gland in this sketch

I'm looking forward to any news of a new Nexus 10 tablet launch. I have been using a Nexus 7 for the past 2 years and I have found it quite excellent for sketching on the go. I do have room in my small day pack for a ten inch tablet. If they do launch a new 10 inch Nexus, then I will snatch one up. All around the Nexus 7 has been awesome, but I think it is time to use a larger screen for my art. Quick sketch with fast colors added. Created on my tablet as usual.