Digital Sketchbook Dump

Some digital sketches in Krita.

Many sketches

Just a sketch dump from the past few days.

Sketches pile for the week

some sketches from the last few days.

A whole load of sketches from the cafe

Okay, time to catch up on posting. Here is a smash load of sketches from the past week.

Sketching dump of this Wednesday.

Some sketches from this morning while having coffee. This time it's the Brazil brew. I like the Zambia brew a bit better, though both are really awesome compared to my regular blonde roast.

Incoming sketches:

Sketchgroup hangout

A few things from the sketchgroup hangout today.  On Google Hangout, sketching with some folks while watching some shows at home.

I plan to do a hangout regularly on Google.  Welcome to join and sketch.  Check for me on Saturday and Sunday afternoons until the evening or night.  I will try and make one or both of those days.

collected sketches

quick stuff I did over the last few days.  looks like i need more accuracy on my quick captures especially paints.  I rust fast if i don't do these often, and it's been a few weeks.

cafe sketch

A quick sketch at a cafe in between some of my longer pieces this week.  Subject in conversation with their friend.



This sketch started in Harmony with the box brush, (the Harmony project at which I've mentioned previously now has an Android app.) After filling the page with the box brush I brought this background SketchBook Pro and created a layer and imported drawing or background. At that point I started filling the background with sketches of faces until I found one that I liked. I would use the box shapes and masses where I could to guide the placement of faces, but ultimately the face that you see you there now is the one that I chose out of about six attempts.

After finishing the simple sketch of the face I export the drawing and layered it with subdued filters and then tweaked colors and added some texture. After adding light washes of color I exported again and then added some geometric shapes with another program.
I saved and exported a cropped version.