What will you find here?

You will find galleries with some of my digital art and traditional art.  Recent works are first listed in the blog. Blog entries are 98% about recent art I have made, and some progress shots on pieces when possible, as well as random thoughts or inspirations. Galleries are updated less often with pieces from the blog which have been buried by more recent posts.

I was inspired to draw at an early age by comic books.  Eventually I took life drawing classes and learned about painting, photography and eventually digital art which included pixel art, photoshop, vector illustration, 3d modeling / animation.  Digital art and 3d modeling filled up a lot of my art time.  My interest in traditional drawing and sketching never left.  I took notice of other crafting as well, and was introduced to jewelry, carving, and knife making although I haven't been able to spend as much time at my workbench lately.  These days I sketch and paint on my Nexus tablet or laptop.  I find that I prefer sketching / painting out and about when possible, rather than indoors. My tablet's portability has accelerated my rate of sketching because I can transmit and transport a lot of art with me, not to mention books, music, reference photos, and also share or publish my work with others all from one device.

My website has been through numerous incarnations over the years as a way for me to learn HTML and about websites. If you're an artist, definitely drop me a line or add me on Google Plus: google.com/+raphaelreyes  I help moderate a sketch group on Google Plus open to all skill levels so stop by and join us. I'm sometimes on Instagram and Twitter.

Communicate... (V)(;,,;)(V)