We are stars.



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Blacksad portrait

Here is a quick portrait sketch of Blacksad I did this weekend for someone's birthday. Blacksad and the other characters in the books are really well done. I had never heard of the books until I was asked to sketch him.
Blacksad portrait
Blacksad portrait

Digital fat marker sketch

Took some time this morning to bang out some quick fat marker on my tablet, plus a scribble ink piece.  Hope everyone out there had a great holiday!

13 - 1.png
13 - 1(3).png
13 - 1(2).png
13 - 1(1).png
13 - 1.jpg



Another quick piece from my tablet.  I'm using symmetry for the backgrounds on my last pieces lately.  Just really simple.

My Nexus 4 got the Android 4.4 Kit-Kat update.  It bugged my LG 730 bluetooth headset.  The volume doesn't go below 4 or 5 even when it is Zero in the phone settings.  The device controls don't reliably set the volume anymore,  They go up to deafeningly loud down to what sounds like 4 or 5. Not only that, the phone volume rocker doesn't control the volume anymore when I am using my bluetooth headset.

I won't be taking the upgrade on my tablet so at least I can listen to my music without going deaf.  Will also be looking for a way to roll back my phone to 4.3

Flushing out

I have some paintings that I need to make before continuing my women in sci-fi series.

Sarah Connor piece I was making after the Ripley painting just got too tight and I needed to loosen up. I will start over on painting it again.

So here is some symmetry and faces.

2013-11-19 23.29.05_20131120230702158.jpg

quick sketch

A quick sketch from a few weeks ago.

I use this app called Cameringo.  It comes with some nice filters.  Not so great for art, but for making crazy photos they are good fun.

2013-10-20 15.29.30.jpg

You are my lucky star

Finished the Ellen Ripley portrait over the weekend. It will be up in the digital paintings section in a few days. I have already planned a few more in the series. 'No fate but what we make,' 'No power in the 'verse can stop me,' and 'Nothin' but the rain.'
'You are my lucky star...' -- Ellen Ripley
'You are my lucky star...' -- Ellen Ripley

Next painting

Right now I'm working on a painting a portrait bit of Ellen Ripley. The paintings I have planned will likely become a small portrait series of women in science fiction. For now though, Ellen Ripley.

Girl with Cow Skull

I made a painting with a cow skull in it.  Was working on this a week ago and picked it back up today to finish it.  Final version is added to the digital paint gallery.

Prints are here:


Quick layer paint

Painting fast, building up several layers and flattening. Repeat four times each time using previous flattened group as a background painting over with more layers of transparent brushes.


Put together some quick marker panels.


Extreme close up!

This is all I felt like posting tonight.  The stack of unfinished sketches is growing. Will take care of those soon.