I think I arrived close to over working this piece.  I'm aiming for the viewer to become active in defining the shapes they want or need to see.  To unavoidably engage them in making the piece become something they like.



Another mixed app piece, as art most of my recent posts have been.  Another alienesque neck.  Partially inspired by Aeon Flux overall.


Rigel at the shoulder of Orion

Can't really say this is a sketch, but it started out as a quick ink pen scratch, and after almost a dozen import exports between apps, it's a piece.


Going Poster and Drinking the Chia

I've been thinking of how to re-produce my tablet art on a larger scale than what online services can give with the resolutions I have on the originals.

Since all my work is done on a Nexus 7, about the largest sizes I will crank out of that slate is 4096 square, and that only on about one or two image apps I use.  Which means I will top out much lower on the other six to eight apps I use and will need to work under 2048.

It occurred to me that I can have them printed at the best size, then professionally photographed and scanned at a higher resolution. The only drawback is it will be about $100 a pop per piece.  Eventually worth it, so I am spending time thinking about which will be the first in the coming weeks.  I can possibly sell the first print that was photographed- to help fund the cost of photography.

Just a thought.

Lately i've been drinking drinks with chia seeds floating in them.  It's become quite addicting.  I am curious if people attempt to crunch the seeds as they drink, or if they just swallow the seeds and the slimy coating.  Does it help the body to absorb the nutrients in the seeds by crushing them, or will the stomach break them down anyway?

The pilot chair

Working on a piece that will take a few days.  Below will be some rough sketches.  I am trying not to build up the overall piece too quickly to keep it looking loose.  I imagine it will be detailed line work, but will keep the colors more flowing.  Maybe when this piece is done, I will return to my women of sci-fi series and restart my Sarah Connor.


Three drawings for Sunday

Well there are three pieces today.  I think the community started to think I was spamming, but really I was just kicking these out today.



This sketch started in Harmony with the box brush, (the Harmony project at which I've mentioned previously now has an Android app.) After filling the page with the box brush I brought this background SketchBook Pro and created a layer and imported drawing or background. At that point I started filling the background with sketches of faces until I found one that I liked. I would use the box shapes and masses where I could to guide the placement of faces, but ultimately the face that you see you there now is the one that I chose out of about six attempts.

After finishing the simple sketch of the face I export the drawing and layered it with subdued filters and then tweaked colors and added some texture. After adding light washes of color I exported again and then added some geometric shapes with another program.
I saved and exported a cropped version.


Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays!  Glitter balls and Google's auto-twinkle.

13 - 1-TWINKLE.gif

Mutant girl sketch

... watching a live-action B movie from Japan on Netflix.  The movie is Mutant Girl Squad, which is quite uhh, terrible, but visually interesting.  Maybe it's Japanese grindhouse, or could just be par for B movies over there.  Anyhow it reminds me a lot of this other artist, Sean, who I follow on G+.  He has a page called MondayFatality ( and this B movie reminds me of his black and red sketches.


Jake the dog

Thank you Google. Google's auto-awesome added snow to my Jake the dog sketch.

13 - 1-SNOW.gif

The Disintigrators

So, just to add to my never ending list of art to make, more crazy aggro art should be produced and posted.  Well, at least here are two from today.

One of my wishes is to be able to change the box brush inside color.  Currently the inside of the box brush can only be white as far as I have been able to use it.  The color setting only effects a 1 pixel border around the brush.  Essentially I think there should be a box brush that is like the circle brush which is just a 1 pixel edge of the circle, with transparent center.  Then a solid box brush and a solid circle brush, which is self explanatory. 

In other news, I had been preparing to roll back my Nexus 4 to Jelly Bean after Kit-Kat nuked the crap out of bluetooth headsets.  They released a minor patch that didn't mention fixing the bluetooth bug, but I relented to the minor update which had been sitting on the phone a few days.  They fixed it.  Headset is no longer stuck at 7.


More Harmony in the cafe

I purchased a particular sketch program for my tablet some months ago, and never got around to using it.  The program is called Sketcher Pro.  It's based on the Harmony project at  Incorporating this program with my regular paint programs and processes you can see the results.


Pacific Rim backdrop

I painted a backdrop for the Pacific Rim Android app. The app is really cool. It lets you put the giant robots and monsters on your gallery photos. Painted this in sketchbook pro.