Big fish in a little pond, or big pond in a little fish?

So, I overheard this next to me in the coffee shop this morning which is overrun by people wearing conference badges for Apple's WDC....(said in a serious interview tone,) 'Are you a big fish in a small pond person, or are you a small pond in a big fish person?'
:-) :-) :-)

Use patterned layers to change your brush strokes

When you use a patterned layer as an "Add" layer, your dark brush strokes will receive the pattern of the layer. The strength or visibility of the pattern is controlled by the darkness of the brush along with the opacity of the pattern layer. There are many variations to setting up the effect with different desire outcomes.

I looked into her eyes and what happened next

A haunting digital portrait piece as another fellow artist described this one. I painted it over a couple episodes of Luther. No doubt there was some influence from Ruth Wilson's character Alice Morgan while I painted and watched the show.

HUD layer effect with Avengers Iron Man Tony Stark

Finished the next one in the series, Avengers Iron Man, Tony Stark. Thinking of how I wanted to portray Iron Man, I decided a shot in the helmet would be fun to do, and at the same time also show Tony Stark. It also was a good opportunity to play with layers to make the HUD effect that we always see when he's in the Iron Man suit.

Clouds disappear and playtime starts

Sunny day at the beach. Baby xenomorph plays with a beach ball. I originally started a dark portrait piece of a xenomorph to make something inspired by H.R. Giger. It wasn't working out. A more light hearted scene was waiting instead.

The shapes pile up and you won't believe the result

Playing with some geometric brushes, keeping it loose with minimal details. It's been a few weeks since I've done one of these portraits. I used to do more of these but it came to the point where it felt forced, so I stopped.

The First Avenger, Captain America

Breaking away from the Star Wars portraits I've been making, I wanted to do at least three Avengers portraits. Starting with Captain America, Black WIdow, and Iron Man.

Yoda Star Wars Art

Heard the news while reading and consuming coffee that H.R. Giger passed away. I was already started on my morning sketch. Another piece to add to the Star Wars art pile. Yoda this time, although I might re paint a version of him in a front view as I've been doing for the previous, Han, Leia, General Grievous, etc.  I prefer the closer view than the slightly pulled back camera angle I ended up with to show more of his upper body.


The Love Monster

While partaking in my morning intravenous coffee, I flipped through an online tutorial on making a Love Monster. Hence, that is what you see below. Quick and oh so love monster-ish.

General Grievous

General Grievous is a bit dense. He is also sick. A digital painting today from my tablet.

Digital Painting Scout Trooper

Dear Diary: Today, my buddy Clone 352334 was vaporized. He hit a tree at 200 while chasing the local natives. 

For this piece I think it's time to draw another bad guy. I like the biker scouts in Return of the Jedi. They remind me of motocross bikers. Another painting / sketch made on my tablet.

Digital Painting Han Solo

Another Star Wars sketch, this time Han Solo. Done on my tablet. I broke up the dark outline with some layer blending types.

Digital Painting Leia Organa

Another Star Wars painting / sketch from my tablet.  Yesterday I was deciding between Boba Fett and Leia Organa. I wasn't motivated to finish Leia yesterday so I went with Boba Fett. Today I had more inspiration to finish Leia. The white outline was something new I decided to use for this sketch and gives it a sticker feeling. Normally I use a black outline. Leia Organa digital painting from my tablet.

Star Wars Day: May the Fourth Be With You

Contemplating today if I wanted to paint Leia, or Fett, and as you can see I decided to paint Boba Fett. This one was one hour painting starting with a fast sketch and moving the sketch to a painting app. Used the sketch as an overlay for color and lighting.

Happy Star Wars Day to you, and May the Fourth Be With You.

Digital portrait painting

I like to paint or sketch during the morning while having coffee. Here is one of my paintings from this week made with Autodesk apps on my tablet.