Tea time

A digital sketch of tea cups with different teas.

My Sketchbook Pro brush set

These are the brushes I use in sketchbook pro. None of them are really 'custom' in any sense that I built a special texture, the set is mainly the brushes I use in SBP. The brushes I use the most are at the top in relation to how I've arranged them in my brush tray below. The top two round brushes are used over 96% of the time. The rest might be used for detailing or blending towards the end.

Download Raph's sketchbook pro brush set.

Black Ink tryout

I did a quick look over of a paint program called Black Ink. My laptop was not able to process the brush strokes fast enough. From what I could tell the brushes are can be customized in unique ways such as color changes on pressure and speed.

I think this program would be good as a supplemental sketch or paint program, but if you already have a paint program, you probably won't find a strong enough reason to use this one.

Digital Sketchbook Dump

Some digital sketches in Krita.

Many sketches

Just a sketch dump from the past few days.

Sketches pile for the week

some sketches from the last few days.

A whole load of sketches from the cafe

Okay, time to catch up on posting. Here is a smash load of sketches from the past week.