Blackwings digital painting

Trying out a different paint program today called Mischief. It was on sale for the weekend. It's pretty basic, with 4 different brushes, some papers and layers. The different thing about it is it's vector based, so you can export to any size. I like that. There are no layer blend options, only transparency. It's a great program especially if you have great digital painting skills and can get on without a lot of aids. The interface is simple, and hot keys are easy.

After a quick run on it, I think I will be using it quite a bit. Like most vector programs, the user might detect the brush stroke has the slightest lag when you apply quick circular strokes with large brushes.

Sketch and color

Quick sketch from the tablet with some quick colors.

What's happened recently...

Godzilla, painting the Big G

Saw Godzilla today, awesome movie!

My current ranking for the four films I've seen so far:
1. Captain America, Winter Soldier
2. Edge of Tomorrow
3. Godzilla
4. X-Men Days of Future Past

Flow like water painting and sketching with patterns

This piece came together from several apps on my tablet while drinking the morning's coffee. I believe I have mentioned before in previous posts that I use a suite of Autodesk apps on my tablet, as well as a couple of other programs like Sketcher and Deco Paint.

There is no lack of pituitary gland in this sketch

I'm looking forward to any news of a new Nexus 10 tablet launch. I have been using a Nexus 7 for the past 2 years and I have found it quite excellent for sketching on the go. I do have room in my small day pack for a ten inch tablet. If they do launch a new 10 inch Nexus, then I will snatch one up. All around the Nexus 7 has been awesome, but I think it is time to use a larger screen for my art. Quick sketch with fast colors added. Created on my tablet as usual.

Sketching dump of this Wednesday.

Some sketches from this morning while having coffee. This time it's the Brazil brew. I like the Zambia brew a bit better, though both are really awesome compared to my regular blonde roast.

Incoming sketches:

Someone said it is how they feel today

Another digital painting, portrait, experimenting with patterns again. I love how patterns can add great texture to my digital paintings. Someone commented that this was reflected how they felt that morning. I guess it was a Monday? No, Tuesday, ha, close enough!


Sketching Edge of Tomorrow art

I enjoyed Edge of Tomorrow. I think the movie handled the resetting days really well enough that after a bit you could tell they had been through certain new events you were witnessing the new loop for the first time. X-Men Days of Future Past was good, but overall, having just watched a Wolverine movie recently, I was expecting more than just a lot of Wolverine again, so I rank it pretty low. Here is a list of how I rank certain movies this year:

  1. Captain America Winter Soldier
  2. Edge of Tomorrow
  3. X-Men Days of Future Past

Godzilla? Still have to watch so I'll let you know.

So now I have crammed some mixed Edge of Tomorrow stuff below. Mostly rough exploratory images.

Star Wars Imperial Guard, painting

Adding another to my list of quick Star Wars portraits. This one is the Imperial Guard. Let's listen in on how his day went.

Dear Diary: Stood in front of elevator for 192 hours. Peed my pants four times. Two guests arrived for the Emperor. Shift ended early... FRIDAY!!! :-) 

Well that was interesting. Seems he was one of the last guards to see the Emperor.