Short rain coat

Short rain coats have a bit of a retro look to them.  especially when worn with short shorts or short skirts.  I think bare legs are a requirement.


Plots and such

Since finishing the page for the Pinoy Komiks book, I had time to make my regular art.  Java and scribbles, swirls boxes hexagons and stuff.


Kickstarter Pinoy Komiks: WIP of my page

I have been working on a page for Pinoy Komiks for the Filipino Comic Anthology out this year. This Kickstarter project which has been fully funded is now going for stretch goals.  Below are some of the roughs I did during the week.

This book focuses on Filipino artists both from within the Philippines as well as those working outside of the country.  A charity anthology to benefit the victims of typhoon Haiyan, the book will highlight indie comic artists and cartoonists from the Philippines.

Check out the project and by all means, if you love collecting comics you can support and get a copy:


Oh let the sun beat down upon my face, stars to fill my dream
I am a traveler of both time and space, to be where I have been
To sit with elders of the gentle race, this world has seldom seen
They talk of days for which they sit and wait and all will be revealed


Thursday tablet sketching with morning java

No time today, just quick sketches.

Cafe Wednesday

Just the usual... With bagel today.

Sketchgroup hangout

A few things from the sketchgroup hangout today.  On Google Hangout, sketching with some folks while watching some shows at home.

I plan to do a hangout regularly on Google.  Welcome to join and sketch.  Check for me on Saturday and Sunday afternoons until the evening or night.  I will try and make one or both of those days.


Another in the series.  A sketchgroup member suggested that I blog about this series (from earlier when they were heavily geometric.)  I am working on a draft that puts down some thoughts on the whole thing.  It's not a very technical write up, but will explain more the idea and drive behind the whole thing.  Lately my style has been shifting and recombining since a month ago- so I think it would be good to follow the suggestion to put some thoughts down about what I have been doing from earlier in the series.

The Cube

quick one for Thursday.  Glad it's raining today.  I think we need it.

collected sketches

quick stuff I did over the last few days.  looks like i need more accuracy on my quick captures especially paints.  I rust fast if i don't do these often, and it's been a few weeks.


adding to the series, with some Harmony mixed in with other apps.


this series is morphing into something other than how it originally started.

sketchgroup hangout on google

something i did while hanging out on google with peeps from the sketchgroup community.  it was fun and i plan on doing it again.